AFA UPDATE 40 (November 2018)
IAPI as AFA Associate Member

At the 127th AFA Council meeting held in Sydney on November 3, 2018, the AFA Council has approved the appointment of Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia (IAPI), also known as the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as the Federation’s eighth and newest Associate Member. IAPI’s application is fully supported by IAI as the Primary Member representing Indonesia.
Represented by its President, Tarkosunaryo, IAPI presented their proposal to the AFA Council highlighting the role of the Institute in developing the public accountant profession in Indonesia and how they can contribute to AFA’s role as the umbrella organisation for the accountancy profession of Southeast Asia. Tarkosunaryo also recognised the important role of AFA as the voice of the region’s accountants and in leading the regional development of the profession.
Previously a compartment of IAI, IAPI was fully established as an independent organisation in 2012 with current membership of 4,021 at various level. IAPI is also an Associate of IFAC since 2014. As an Association of Public Accountants Profession (APAP) recognised under the Ministry of Finance Regulation No.443/KMK.01/2011 on appointment of IAPI as APAP, IAPI performs the following functions: CPA exams, professional standard-setting, Continuing Profession Development (CPD), and Quality Assurance Review (QAR).
We look forward to working together with IAPI in exploring potential development collaborations in Indonesia and in the region.